Quality Driving Instruction to Suit Your Needs

Before you get your full drivers license, there are multiple steps that are required. Golden Ears Driving School will help your and give you the necessary advice.

Step1. Get your L learners licence.

This is the first step in becoming a driver. A knowledge test must be undertaken - 40 out of 50 questions must be answered correctly. If the knowledhe test is passed, a visual screening is done to test your eyesight as this is important for driving. For more information visit ICBC's website - Get your L licence

Step2. Get your N licence

After you've been driving for a year with your L licence, then you are ready to take the next step. This will include a road test and if you pass you will get your N licence. Click this link - Getting your N, for more information on ICBC's website.

Step3. Get your class 5 drivers licence

After 2 years of safe driving with your N licence you will be ready in getting your full licence - your class 5 licence. This will involve a road test as well. Click this link - Getting your class 5 licence, for more information on ICBC's website.

Step4. From another province or country

Call Golden Ears Driving School for more information and advice if you are from another country or province. Your present licence can be transferred to this province or you might need to only do the written test, visual screening and road test to get your BC drivers licence.

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